Anna-Mazing Soccer Tournament

Saturday (November second) was the TISSA soccer tournament! It was super fun, and we ended up getting third place! We played the other Morrisons and two other local schools. We only lost one game, but we also tied another. The one that we tied was CRAZY. We were one point down, and then with three seconds left Ellie C. scored a goal (thanks to an AWESOME pass from Eliana)! So thank you, Ellie C. and Eliana for making it only one game we lost. 🙂

Mr. Chan (our soccer coach) said he would get us tea and give us each 10 Chanbucks if we got first, but because we got third he’s having a celebratory party in his office today with (his wording) “a special surprise”. So we’ll see what the surprise is today! I’m really excited and I’m really happy we got third.

My mom and Ms. Ro said they would each give me one thousand N.T.D. if I scored a goal, and I tried my best, but I wasn’t the striker and the goalie kept blocking it. I was a bit sad, but I didn’t mind because we still got third place.

So overall, the soccer tournament was AWESOME. I’m super happy with how we did, and I think we put in our best effort and had a lot of fun.

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