About Anna

I am Anna, I am eleven years old, and I live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I am in seventh grade. I have one sister, and a mom and a dad. I love reading, and spend a lot of time just sitting on a couch, or a comfy chair, and doing just that. Reading.

I also love to listen to Hamilton. My favorite songs in it are My Shot, Schuyler Sisters, Cabinet Battles 1 and 2, Satisfied, and Helpless. I like pretty much all Hamilton.

I also like Why Don’t We. My favorite songs are Come to Brazil, Never Know, and Made For. My favorite member is Daniel Seavey.

I do Anna-Mazing Podcast as well as Anna-Mazing Blog, this blog. My newest episode for Anna-Mazing Podcast will hopefully be coming out soon. Stay tuned!