Anna-mazing Update

Disclaimer: I wrote this in May of 2020

So this isn’t technically Anna-Mazing post because it’s about COVID-19 😦 but I have to start it with ‘Anna-Mazing’ sooooooo….

My school isn’t shut down completely, it’s still functioning (after approx. 3 weeks of online school) but everyone is required to get there temperature checked before entering school and wear masks all day, which can get kind of annoying. I live in Taiwan, where it’s actually relatively safe regarding COVID and all that, but we’re stuck here for the summer instead of going to Europe like we were going to :(. We’re planning on vacationing in Hua Lian with some other families and travelling around the island. I’m going to a camp for water sports, which is definetely a first for me.


I went to the water sports camp and it was really fun! We learned how to do paddleboarding and windsurfing. I was with some of my friends and we got to do all sorts of things that I never would’ve gotten to do otherwise.

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