Anna-Mazing Friend

This blog post is about (and dedicated) to my best friend Eliana Zahira Gregg.

Eliana is 11 years old. She is in 6th grade. She lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She has curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is half Caucasian, half Portuguese. She loves playing volleyball and is very good at it. There are 6 people in her family. She is the youngest of 4 children.

Eliana and I are having a sleepover tonight. I’m writing this while watching Spider-Man: Homecoming with her. Once it’s over, we are going to go to my room and talk. Tonight my sister had gymnastics and we had to drop her off and bring her and her friends back. We went and dropped her off, then my mom brought us to Starbucks. We watched YouTube and then went to go pick them back up and bring them home. It was really fun.

Lucy’s having a sleepover with our next-door neighbors (AKA family of Lucy’s BFF) and my mom’s going to bed early because she has a cross country race early tomorrow morning, so it’s just Eliana and me out here. By the time we wake up, she’ll be gone. At 9 AM tomorrow she’s holding a party at our house for the end of cross country season. Eliana and I are allowed to be in here, but we have to clean everything up.

That’s about it for now! See you guys soon!

-Anna-Mazing Writer

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