Not Anna-Mazing Day

Ugh. I’m sick. My throat hurts, I can’t breathe out of my nose, I have a headache, and I woke up with a fever of 100.7 Fahrenheit. On the bright side, I get to stay home from school, relax, and watch TV. So what if my throat hurts so much I can barely talk? So what if I have to sleep and chew with my mouth open so I can breathe? So what if my head hurts on and off all day? Well, I HATE BEING SICK!!!!! I’m not the kind of person who fakes being sick so they can miss school. I love school! I hate having to miss it, especially since there is a guest speaker at our school this week! I’ve already missed 1 1/2 of this week! And thinking that I might have to stay home tomorrow, also first day of the Drama Club I signed up for? AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one un-Anna-Mazing day!


I wrote this post a while ago! Sorry! My computer didn’t work, and I couldn’t’t post it! Yay! I’m better now!


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