Read Around the Library Challenge

In class right now, we are having a competition. It’s called the ‘Read Around the Library Challenge’. In this challenge, we have a list of book categories. We have to read a book in every category, and fill out a paper about it. You also have to get 30 A.R. points by taking A.R. tests, (AKA accelerated reader tests) and reading 30 hours at home.So, you might think that I’m getting along fine in this competition, since I like reading so much, but actually, you are only half right. I am doing great in reading at home, and have 130 A.R. points, but I have only done 2 categories. It really stresses me out have to read all those books from categories I think are super boring!!! But I’m going to work on it anyway,and also use this blog to encourage myself. One of the only thing that makes me want to do motivates me, is the prize is a sleepover in the school library, with movies, BOOKS, staying up late, BOOKS, food, and BOOKS!!! 🙂

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